Teledentistry: Live Dentist Chat

Gone are the days where communication could only be done face to face and through physical mail. The advancement of technology and the internet allows individuals to connect online anytime, anywhere. The pandemic, COVID-19, increased the number for all means of communication to be done virtually and this includes connecting with medical and dental professionals as the implementation of social distancing is a must to help eliminate the spread of the virus.

What is Teledentistry?

Teledentistry is the innovation of practicing dentistry online by means of education on preventative oral care, virtual consultations online, tracking and scheduling appointments, seeking second options, addressing and detecting oral emergencies, and continuing patient care conveniently in any location. These methods may be done through synchronous (virtual calls and chat websites) and asynchronous services (sending pictures or x-rays and receiving feedback). Dental procedures such as surgery, extractions, or any procedure requiring physical contact may be scheduled and plans of treatment are to be discussed with the dental professional. Teledentistry is mostly used for areas like preventive care, diagnostics, orthodontics, endodontics, oral medicine, and patient education.

What are the benefits of Teledentistry: Live Dentist Chat?

In 2003 there was a rapid decline in dental care resulting in undiagnosed illnesses, infections, inflammation, to the gums and teeth that worsen over time and may lead to even more expensive treatment or surgery that could’ve been prevented with early diagnosis. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to advise and implement social distancing and home lockdowns, patients and dental professionals seek the benefits of teledentistry to connect easily with each other online as the status of their availability in these platforms.

Patients may address their emergencies quickly to dental professionals online and avoid having waiting rooms and receive feedback whether these concerns need immediate attention.
Patients may seek second opinions online to whoever is currently active and receive consultations, schedule appointments, and quality education on dental health.
Patients and dental professionals stay connected anywhere from using their mobile phones or computers. This helps build a relationship between the two and eliminates fear or any tension the patient may have towards the dentist and the practice.

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Dental Mobile App

Dentulu’s award winning dental app helps patients find trusted, licensed, and available dentists in their area “On Demand.” Dentulu also offers Dentists a variety of enterprise solutions to help them run their practices more efficiently and productively.


24/7 Emergency Dentists

Licensed Emergency Dentists nearby are a click away when you need them most 24/7/365 available to you on demand.

Patient Resource Center

Watch and learn from professionally-produced patient education videos made by dentists in both English and Spanish.

Shop Dental Products

Browse and shop the best dental products from around the world at the lowest prices.

Mobile & Onsite Dentistry

Find mobile dental providers to come to your location of choice providing dental care onsite.

Emergency Prescriptions

Antibiotics & Pain medications can be sent to your pharmacy electronically within minutes. Get the help you need when you need it.

Dental Second Opinions

Get second opinions from board certified dentists and dental specialists from the comfort of your home.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Does Dentulu offer features to connect with dental professionals?

Dentulu is a teledentistry and mobile dentistry platform where patients and dental professionals can connect with one another that includes live chat, virtual consultations, seeking second opinions, and emergency consultations.

Can I consult with dental professionals on Dentulu, regarding health?

All Dentulu providers are equipped with years of experience in dentistry, medicine, and patient education. Their licences are up to date upon registering on the platform. Sign up as a closed circuit patient or an open circuit patient for free and connect with multiple providers at your convenience.

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